Electric Scooter

Electric scooters, like e-bikes, run on battery powered electric motors and are environmentally friendly transportation options, releasing zero harmful emissions into the air. These are also a slightly slower but much less expensive alternative to gas scooters or e-bikes, and are ideal for kids who need a quick way around town or to get to school. Their compact size allow for them to be folded up and stored easily under the bed or in a locker. Many of our scooters also come with adjustable seats for added comfort on long rides. These scooters are made from high tension steel, making them virtually indestructible. As always, we recommend wearing the proper safety gear while riding on any transportation device.

The X-250 Aluminum Electric Scooter has an aluminum deck with a high tension steel frame to resist damage from the rough use scooters can experience in the hands of children. This model was made for kids, and includes an optional attachable seat that’s adjustable to compensate for the growth of the owner. This model can go 8-10 miles on a single charge, and is a little slower than standard models for safety reasons, topping out at 15 mph. The X-360 model, on the other hand, runs on three batteries rather than the standard two with a 350 watt motor, for a total output of 600 watts. As a result, this electric scooter maxes out at 21 mph and reaches 15-20 miles for each charge. Both of these scooters feature rear drum locking brakes.

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X-250 Aluminum Electric Scooter
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X-300 Medium Sized Kid's Electric Scooter
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X-360 Electric Scooter - 350 Watt Motor & 600 Watts Output
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X-600 Highest Performance Racing Electric Scooter
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