Gas Scooter

Gas scooters carry the advantage of having a better range and a higher top speed, being powered by gas motors rather than electric motors. Though gasoline is required to power these motors, they are incredibly fuel efficient, often getting around 100 miles to the gallon. They are also responsible for fewer harmful emissions than standard motor vehicles, making them a more eco-friendly option than a car. As they run on gas motors, these scooters do not come with attachable seats as adding a seat would technically make it a motorized vehicle, which requires a license to operate. However, we do sell gas scooter seat parts separately. Always make sure to consult the laws regarding gas powered scooters in your area to ensure that you are complying with local codes.

The XG-499 Stand Up Billet 49cc Gas Scooter can reach speeds up to 35 mph and go thirty miles on a single one liter tank. Still portable, it can be folded for easy storage. Due to its increased speed capabilities, it comes with an extra strong double weld bar featuring dual spring shocks. It also has front disc brakes as well as rear for increased control while braking. It also features aluminum racing dirt bike handle bars, small double welded box muffler, and aluminum handle pole. The engine is EPA certified, so you know it’s environmentally friendly. It also comes with a 30 day warranty and a six month warranty on the batteries.

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XG-499 Stand Up Billet 49cc Gas Scooter
The XG-499 is a Billet 49cc, pull start stand up gas scooter in chrome. The XG-499 folds easy and ca..
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