Electric Bicycles

In crowded cities with traffic problems, electric bicycles or “e-bikes” are the way to get around. Small and portable, weaving through traffic is easy with a lightweight e-bike. You won’t have to worry about gas as they’re 13 times more energy efficient than the average sedan, and they emit almost no harmful byproducts. Electric bikes can generally go up to 20 mph without being considered a motor vehicle, though state laws vary. But in most cases, you can have an e-bike and zip around the city without needing a special license. Plus, there’s no need to worry about parking. Electric bicycles run on rechargeable batteries - just plug them in at night and they’re ready to go by morning. No more fretting over the rising cost of gas.

The XB-502 Electric Bicycle is legal in most areas with no additional license as it’s classified as a power assisted bike. This e-bike is powered by four rechargeable batteries and rear 500 watt electric hub motor. It comes with pedals that can be used, but as this bike is fully able to power itself, installation is not necessary. It can travel up to 20-25 miles on a single charge, and the batteries last up to five years. Our XB-310Li Folding Bicycle is more lightweight and portable, as it can be folded in half for easier carrying and storage. It also features a removable lithium battery pack and the frame and wheels are made from 100% aluminum.

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