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X-360 Scooter Parts 
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12.5 inch Front Rim With No Bearings No Axle
Replacement front rim for model X-360. This item does not include bearings or axle. Size is 12.5 inc..
12.5 inch Rear Wheel Complete With Sprocket
Replacement rear wheel complete with 65 tooth sprocket, tire and tube installed. This item may fit o..
3 Piece Handlebars (Not Full Size)
3 piece handlebar. You put your left and right metal ends onto this handlebar to make it complete. Y..
350 Watt Factory Replacement Motor
Factory replacement 350 watt motor for model X-360. Comes complete with sprocket for chain. This ite..
Replacement smart scooter battery charger for X-Treme Model X-360 & ALL other electric scooters with..
36 Volt Electric Scooter Controller Version 5
Version 5 Upgraded replacement controller (brain) for 36 volt model X-360. This item can also work i..
5 Amp Glass Fuse (controller fuse only)
Replacement 5 amp fuse (glass barrel type) This fuse fits into the controller fuse holder, not the m..
Blinker Module 36 Volt Version 3
Replacement blinker module (Version 3) for model X-360 and other 36 Volt scooters only. This item ma..
Blinker Module 36V
Replacement blinker module for model X360 36 Volt scooters only. This item may work with other simil..
Blinker Module 36V Version 2
Replacement blinker module for model (Version 2) X360 & other 36 Volt scooters only. This item may w..
Replacement brake lever with electronic kill switch installed. Does not include a brake cable. Fits ..
Chain 15" 
Replacement 15 Inch Chain...
Chain For Motor / Rear Wheel
Replacement chain for model X-360. This is a 14 Inch chain used on all 2005 and later X-360's...
Chain Sprocket 65 Teeth
Replacement Chain Sprocket 65 Teeth...
Chain Sprocket Free Wheel
Replacement chain sprocket free wheel for the XG-550/XG-505/X-360/X-500/X-560 and other similar mode..
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