X-360 Scooter Parts 

X-360 Scooter Parts 
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Rear Trunk Box
Replacement Blue rear trunk box for models X-360 and other similar models and makes...
Rear Turning Signal (set of 2)
Replacement rear turning signals. Item is (set of 2) one for each side of the scooter. This item wil..
Tool Kit
Tool kit for model X-360 scooter...
Trunk Hardware Kit
Complete rear trunk box hardware kit. Fits X-360 rear trunk box...
Trunk Lock Kit 
Lock kit with key for rear trunk box...
Trunk Rack Kit
Trunk rack kit, chrome. Fits X-360 and most other brands...
Trunk Reflector
Trunk Reflector for the X-360..
Trunk Upper Latch
Upper latch for rear trunk box...
Universal steering bar clamp and or seat clamp. Fits most other scooter brands easily...
Replacement hand throttle with cables for X-360, XA-750, X-11 & X-010 model. This item fits just abo..
Replacement hand throttle with cables for X-360, X-11 & X-010 model, this throttle has square connec..
Universal Seat 
Replacement seat for X-360 and X-11 Models. This item will also fit nearly every other similar looki..
Upper Seat Post 13.5 Inch
Replacement Upper Seat Post 13.5 Inch..
Upper Seat Post 15.5 Inch
Replacement Upper Seat Post 15.5 Inch..
Wheel Bearings (set of 2)
Replacement wheel bearing set (set of 2) for model X-360 front or rear rims...
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