X-500 Electric Scooter Parts 

X-500 Electric Scooter Parts 
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48 Volt X-500 Electric Scooter Controller (Ver 3)
Replacement electric scooter controller (Version 3) (brain of the scooter) for model X-Treme X-500 a..
Replacement chain sprocket free wheel for the XG-550/XG-505/X-360/X-500/X-560 and other similar mode..
Front Disk Brake (Rotor Only)
Replacement front disk brake (rotor only) for the X-Treme™ X-500...
Handlebar Down Tube - 2 Colors Blue/Black
Replacement handlebar down tube for the X-Treme™ X-500...
Kickstand - 2 Colors Blue/Black
Replacement kickstand for the X-Treme™ X-500...
Power Switch (On/Off Left)
Replacement power switch for the X-Treme™ X-500...
Rear Disk Brake (Rotor Only)
Replacement rear disc brake (rotor only) for the X-Treme™ X-500...
Replacement Silver seat post for the X-Treme™ X-500...
X-500 Genuine X-Treme Scooter Battery 12 Volt - 9 Amp
Sealed Lead Acid Battery for any brand of scooter using 12 Volt 9 Amp batteries. We also offer 7 AMP..
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